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Announcing Maui's only Spiritual Fitness Center

Announcing Maui’s Only Spiritual Fitness Center

 Awakening  to the Christ  Spiritual Fitness Center is located in Wailuku at Soul Space Maui on the property of Unity Church of Maui, 483 S. High Street, and is now open to assist in the pure non-dualistic journey we are engaged in as we awaken and reach the home where God abides.  Offering ongoing classes and weekly group meetings The Spiritual Fitness Center is your prescription for sanity.

What is pure non-dualism? Simply put the tenets of PND state: only Truth is true and most importantly, God is and nothing else exists. Sounds simple, yes?  The Center’s foundation is built upon the teachings of A Course in Miracles. The Course says yes, it is simple; in fact there is nothing more simple or natural, but it is not easy. As we decide to awaken from this dream – this illusion – the Course tells us that it is impossible to make the trip alone; we need two essential partners 1) the Holy Spirit as guide and 2) our brother (meaning the rest of humanity) as the mirror. God has provided the guide; the Spiritual Fitness Center provides the mirror – or more specifically a means to rightly interpret what it is you see in the mirror.

So if this all sounds a little “wacky” and you are even just a little bit curious; or if all this makes sense to you and you are ready to retire from the world and seek reality instead, come to the Spiritual Fitness Center on any Monday night at 7pm for an interactive introductory evening. Or call the Center any time day or night (if only God exists, then time does not exist so it does not matter when you call) at 244-8985 and take the first step.

Learn how your own thinking is blocking your awareness of peace, happiness, love and spiritual connectedness. Coming to realize who you are in truth ends all struggle. We happily provide many resources to assist you on your journey to awakening. We honor our collective journey and are grateful for your participation.




This is an Ongoing Event occurring on Monday of every week.

Time: 7:00 pm



Soul Space Maui Renewal Center located at 16 S. Market St., 2J, Wailuku, HI USA 96793  

Email: www.Rhonda@soul spacemaui   Website: http://soul spa

Location Specifics: 483 South High Street, Wailuku


Contact: Rhonda Felix   Phone: 205-8302

Email:   Website: https://

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