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EVENT DESCRIPTION                 [ Event #7732 Pageviews: 8407 ]

Lomi Lomi Nui - Ancient Hawaiian Bodywork

Private Sessions in Shamanic Lomi Lomi with Jody Mountain

Tradiitonal 'Lomi Lomi' covers a variety of therapeutic massage techniques and is practiced widely throughout the Hawaiian Islands. 'Lomi Lomi Nui' or 'The Great Massage,' was a rite of passage performed exclusively in the temples or 'heiau'. This mystical form comes primarily from the spiritual traditions of Hawai'i. In addition to its many therapeutic effects, this work was designed to bring initiates to an expanded understanding of themselves and their role in the Universe.

Lomi Lomi Nui facilitates a peeling away of conceptual reality, allowing a deep inner awareness to arise. Limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions - reflected in the individual's patterns of physical holding - are shaken loose by the deeper movement of wholeness emerging. Rather than simply disappear, these energies are released into the sphere of acceptance. The ohana (family) of our internal being is reunited and we begin to respond to life from a place of more freedom and wholeness. We are reconnected to our own sacredness and thereby awakened to the sacredness of all that surrounds us. How this unfolds is unique to each person, and different each time it is experienced.

Jody Mountain is a bodyworker, dancer, and teacher. She has been studying, practicing, and teaching this work since 1989 and is an advanced student of Kahuna Abraham Kawai'i. Please visit: https://lomilominui.net for more information about Jody and Lomi Lomi Nui.

Private Sessions are 2.5 - 3 hours in length, and are available this Spring and Summer:  April 1st - 20th, and June 15th - July 31st, 2010. To schedule a session, please email jodymountain@gmail.com or call 808-269-0591. Please visit the website for the workshop and training schedule.

This is an Ongoing Event occurring on Sunday Monday Tuesday Friday .

Categories: Dancing, Fitness / Yoga / Bodywork, Health / Medical Info


Northshore Chiropractic & Massage located at 16 Baldwin Avenue, 2nd Floor, Paia, HI USA 96779   in North Maui

Northshore Chiropractic & Massage offers Chiropractic care, Therapeutic Massage and Acupunture.  Open 7 days/week.

Location Specifics: Northshore Chiropractic & Massage, 16 Baldwin Avenue, Paia, HI


Contact: Jody Soltau Mountain   Phone: 808-269-0591

Email:   Website: https://lomilominui.net

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